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A tough aspiring chef is hired to bring home a mobster's son from the Amazon but becomes involved in the fight against an oppressive town operator and the search for a legendary treasure.

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original title: The Rundown

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Thriller


imdb: 6.2

duration: 1h 44min

tags: Welcome to Rock-Solid Entertainment!

budget: $85,000,000

keywords: jungle, amazon, hunter, bountyhunter, gold, fight, chef, brazil, jagermeister, beer, goldmine, champagne, 2000s, cultfilm, machismo, bar, bloodsplatter, poisonousfruit, hallucination, fingergun, barbr

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The Rock as a bounty hunter who attempts to square a debt by heading to the Amazon jungle to capture someone. The bounty hunter discovers that his quarry isn't the bad guy he'd been warned about, and the two team up in pursuit of riches stored in a mine in the Amazon. In order to get out of hock with mobster Billy Walker, restaraunteur-turned-"retrieval expert" Beck has to go down to Brazil and retrieve Billy's ne'er-do-well archaeologist-wannabe son Travis, who is searching for an ancient gold idol called the Gato del Diablo. This idol is prized by not only the local population as the path to their salvation, but by Cornelius Hatcher, slavedriving operator of the Helldorado mining town who oppresses said population in the name of profits, and Hatcher just won't let Beck leave with Travis. While the Rock is running down Stifler, this movie is running away with my pick for comedy of the year. The Rundown is very entertaining and the acting surprisingly good from the three stars, The Rock, Stifler, and Christoper Walken. Action scenes are explosive, fight scenes are realistic and the scenery is spectacular. You'd never know this movie was filmed in Hawaii. I definetely recommend the Rundown to anyone wanting an entertaining film. This movie sucks! None of the things its real! Come on, get a geography book!!! Eldorado is a city that was left behind in the INCAS time!! The monkeys aren't from Brazil, they are from Africa! The mines, well, that is true that we have this kind of problem, but we are working it out. Anyways, just go to any site that have any thing about Brazil, look up... get some geography and history classes, before doing such a stupid movie! Get real!! Anyway, the actors aren't that bad, is just that the script is totally irrational. I think it is better to not write then doing stupidity like this, its a waste of time! Please, check it out in some GOOD sites about Brazil, we aren't just naked womens, football and carnival!!! WE HAVE HISTORY JUST LIKE ANY OTHER COUNTRY!!! Johnson, who was computer-generated in "Mummy" and only looked it in "Scorpion King," keeps it engaging, displaying a comedic knack first revealed during his Saturday Night Live appearance in 2000; he has the timing of a Rolex, even when playing straight man to American Pie's Stifler. In Great Britain, this movie had been cut in order to achieve the more lucrative BBFC12 rating, however, only the uncut US Theatrical Version was released on DVD (tagged as "Director's Cut"). The later BD release turned out to be a bad surprise: despite the BBFC15 rating only the shortened BBFC12 version could be found on the disc! Nearly one and a half minutes are missing in this version.


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